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08 Jul

4 Simple Tips That Can Help You Become A Better Waiter

If you what you are doing right now, you should do everything you can to become really great at it.

Working in the food industry is not an easy thing to do, especially if you work as a waiter in a restaurant that entertains over 500 customers on a daily basis.

Waiters have to make sure the guests get what they are feeling on that day and they have to make sure that their order is not messed up. Not only those 2, but they also have to prioritize customer service so those customers can come back again on another day.

We know working in Calgary’s best steakhouse not easy, but if you start looking at things from a different perspective and you start to do some research, you can do some things to become better in your job and make it a bit easy.

To help you out in becoming a better waiter and make your job easier, breakfast buffet Calgary will be listing down some tips that can be beneficial for you when you are working.

4 simple tips that can help you become a better waiter

  1. Try to entertain them as soon as they enter

One thing that you need to do is say hello to them as soon as they enter the restaurant and tell them that you will be with them in a bit. Just hand them the menu and be back within 3 to 5 minutes or as soon as they call you. This will help you make them feel that they are being welcomed in the restaurant and you are there to help them during their stay in your restaurant.

  1. Try to smile and go with their jokes

If they are smiling and are throwing out funny jokes, just try to smile. Avoid being rude to them unless they are abusing you, are making racial slurs towards you or someone in the restaurant, or are sexually assaulting you or someone else, if that happens call the authorities and report their horrible activities.

Happy Hour Restaurants Calgary

  1. Throw out some suggestions

If they are having a hard time choosing what to order, try throwing out some suggestions that they might like. First, try to know what they are looking for and then throw out some suggestions that you have in mind. Doing this can make you more helpful. Also, try to offer them the good ones and you can also tell them what your best selling item is on the menu.

  1. Try to clean the tables as fast as you can 

As soon as someone leaves, you want to clean the table as fast as you can, especially on a busy day. You do not want to let your clients or customers eating on a table that is not clean. This is not a good thing to do. Try to get help if you are busy and make sure you properly clean the table from up and below, if a huge mess was made.



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