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02 Jul

4 Things All Buffet Restaurants Need To Do | XS Lounge & Grill

Buffet restaurants are a must to try if you have a huge appetite and you are going out with your friends, family and colleague for some fun time.

The thing is, there are a lot of buffets out there, but not all of them offer amazing services and food to their customers and clients.

As the owner of east Indian buffet Calgary we know that this is a problem in many other buffets, and this is why as business owners we should try to make some changes so we can improve our services and foods.

To help you out in that, we are going to list down some basic changes that you need to make or add in your buffet restaurant.

4 things all buffet restaurants need to do

  1. Good food

Buffet restaurants have a lot of food, but not all that food is delicious. This is one thing that needs to change, considering that food wastage is not good in any way. You might notice that there’s a lot of food that is left on the table at a cheap buffet, this happens when the food that they got is not that good. Try to hire a better chef if this is the thing in your restaurant right now.

  1. Clean everything properly

Because people are going to come in huge numbers, you need to make sure that your buffet restaurant is clean all the time. This is a must to do during such times, considering that people are now prioritizing hygiene as a result of this coronavirus pandemic. Try to use a cleaner with fragrance so you can keep everything clean. Also, use clean towels or wipers when doing such things in your restaurant.

East Indian buffet Calgary

  1. Hairnets

If you have waiters in your buffet restaurant, make sure they are wearing hairnets. Not only the people in your kitchen, but if your waiters have head hair, you need to add one on them too. This will help you avoid the “hair in my food” instances in buffets, which can result in a lot of problems for you.

  1. Add more tables and chairs

Another thing that you need to do is make sure that you have a lot of chairs and tables. There are times that there will be a lot of people in your restaurant, especially during holidays and other days. So to be ready for that, you need to add more tables and chairs. This will help you bring more people in!



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