What Does Happy Hour In Restaurants Calgary
14 Sep

What Does Happy Hour In Restaurants Mean? | XS Lounge & Grill

A lot of restaurants offer “happy hour” deals, but a lot of people don’t avail them considering they have no idea about what it means.

The good thing though is that you have people like us that can help you in understanding everything properly.

Below, we are going to explain what happy hour in restaurant means!

What Does Happy Hour In Restaurants Mean?

The main goal of “happy hours” is to stimulate alcohol consumption, which then increases the sales of a restaurant that is offering it.

In this offer, people get offers such as “buy a drink get the second one for free!” or they get a discount on the next purchase that they buy.

Another thing about this offer is that the discounts or the offer only applies on alcoholic beverages.

Yep, this offers does not work on normal beverages that you can buy for refreshment.

What Does Happy Hour In Restaurants Calgary

When Does Happy Hours Apply On Restaurants That Offer Alcoholic Beverages?

Most of the time, happy hours are offered by restaurants when the consumption of alcoholic beverages are extremely low.

Why do they offer this at such times?

Happy hours are offered by restaurants at such times because it allows the customers to come in earlier with hopes that they can keep coming again and again at the same time or to keep them inside their premises.

Another thing is that once the alcoholic beverage drinks start kicking in, it is likely that they are going to order something to eat too.

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