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02 Jul

Should Home Food Delivery Be Free?

If you’re a restaurant owner, you have probably heard thousands of people asking you “is the delivery free?” and we know it is annoying sometimes. However, people need answers on why we charge extra for delivery.

In this blog, XS Lounge and Grill, the best restaurant in Calgary, Canada, will talk about “should home delivery be free?”

As customers, we understand that you want great food that costs affordable, and we also understand that there are times that you do not have time to pick up food or eat in a restaurant, that’s why you opt-in for delivery services.

With the bill reaching high numbers, you always ask the person that answers your call, “is the delivery free?” Most of the time you hear no, but if your order is quite large, you will hear yes.

If you order a lot of food, the chances are high that you will get free delivery because the restaurant is making money from you, so they just opt-out for that fee. However, if you are ordering something that is not that big, let’s say $10 CAD, you will have to pay for the delivery because the restaurant is not making that much.

Should Home Food Delivery Be Free?

There are special orders and cases so that one belongs to a different topic.

The answer to this question really depends on your situation and where you are ordering.

In some situations such as you living near the restaurant, the delivery could be free. But if you live around 10 kilometres away from it, the chances of you paying for delivery fees increases.


The answer is yes and no (depending on the situation). If you are ordering a lot of food, the delivery fee should be removed as a thank you for trusting the restaurant. However, if you live far and you are ordering food for yourself, you need to pay for the delivery fees so the restaurant can stay in business and so they could offer their food to you.

Why XS Lounge And Grill?

XS Lounge and Grill, the Best restaurants in Calgary, Canada, offers delivery services during this coronavirus pandemic and ensures safety. Restaurants in Calgary have been prioritizing safety since the beginning, and we are doing the same right now. To know how you can order food from us, visit our website, contact us on the number below, or send steakhouse near me an email so we can contact you right away!


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