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20 Dec

How to Tell If Your Steak Is Done

When it comes to steaks, people are very particular about how they like their steaks to be done. Some of us like our steaks to be well-done, some want it red, and I like it medium-rare. Cooking a delicious steak is something different, but knowing if it’s done is something that is very hard to do.

When you’re cooking steaks in your house, it can be hard and getting it perfectly cooked is the toughest job for you.

If you want to check if the steak is done, cut the steak to see how things are going inside it, but this technique does a little bit of damage to the steak.

When you cut the steak to check whether it’s cooked or not, you allow the juice and the moisture to get out of the steak.

A substitute for this can be by using an instant-read thermometer. A thermometer can tell you if the steak is cooked even if you only cut a little bit of meat.

The Best Steakhouse in Calgary

In the best steakhouse in Calgary, we do something that allows us to know if the steak is cooked right or it’s still undone.

But if you want to make the checking part an easy one, you can do this instead.

At Calgary steakhouse, we do something different, so different that only experts such as professional chefs and critics know how to do.

To know if the steak is right, first, you want to touch your thumb and index finger like you’re doing the “OK” sign and press the fleshy part of your palm right below the thumb with your other hand.

You will come to know the softness level and do the same on the steak.

After that, touch your other fingers to your thumb one at a time. As you move from your index finger to your pinky, the pad of your thumb is going to become more firm. This exact feeling is similar to a steak that is cooked well.

As your steak is cooking on the pan, you should press it in the center occasionally and compare it with the finger test.

Take the steak out of the pan as soon as you think it’s right for you.

Want to avoid all the hassle? Find the best steakhouse near me and get your steak as you want it!

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