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27 May

How To Offer Food To Your Customers Safely During Lockdown?

One of the most affected businesses during this coronavirus pandemic are restaurants. They have seen one of the worst times of their lives, considering that they operate only with the help of daily customers.

The thing with restaurants is that not many are offering delivery services or are allowed to open right now, so the question remains, how can restaurants offer food to customers safely during this lockdown?

To help you answer that question, we are going to list down some things that you can do to safely offer your food and services to other people during this lockdown or coronavirus pandemic.

Please do keep in mind that these tips are only for steakhouse in Calgary that are allowed to offer delivery or drive-thru services during such horrible times. If your local government does not allow any business to open right now, this is not for you.

4 things you can do to offer food or your services amidst this coronavirus pandemic

  1. Wear protective equipment when cooking and packing

If you are offering delivery services right now, you want to make sure that everyone in your office premises is wearing protective equipment when they are making the food or when they are packing it. Make sure they are wearing face masks, hair nets, face shields, and gloves when they are cooking and packing the food of the customers.

  1. Offer pick-up services

If dine-in services are not allowed right now in your city, you want to offer pick-up services. This can help you out a lot in the entire process of avoiding human-to-human contact during such horrifying times. Remember, when offering pick-up services, you want to make sure that everyone is wearing protective gear and you have assigned someone, who understands the duty properly.

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  1. Delivery services

Delivery services during such times are important too. Offering them can help you out a lot in reaching customers that are disabled, elderly, and are more prone to catching the virus or are recovering from the virus. Not only that, you should also opt-in for paperless transactions. Try going with website order systems, where your clients can pay through an online payment portal.

  1. Cut the staff

If you have a lot of staff, you want to cut some. We know it’s not the right time to do so, but there is nothing you can do. Sales will not be like they used to, orders will be low, and having more employees will just force you to pay them without having such a budget. Try to explain everything in advance. Also, cutting down the staff will help you minimize the chances of covid transmissions in your premises.



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