Restaurant Senior Citizen Friendly
05 Feb

How to Make Your Restaurant Senior Citizen Friendly

If you own a restaurant, the best thing you can do for increasing your sales is by offering quality food to all ages, which includes teens, kids, adults, and senior citizens. The hardest to please are senior citizens, one of the major reasons for that is because not all restaurants are senior citizen friendly. The old ones need proper care and treatment, that’s because they’re weak and can’t do the things they used to because of their age, and as a restaurant owner, the best thing you can do is make your business senior citizen-friendly, which you can do by doing the following things:

Wide Offerings on Menus

Senior citizens have a gentle stomach, so you should offer dishes that are stomach friendly and are not heavy for the old ones. If you’re a restaurant owner, you should add low-fat dishes and dishes that don’t use oil. Not only that, you should offer special drinks with options of making them sugar-free. A lot of senior citizens have diabetes.

Properly Lighting

As we age, our bodies degrade, and one of the most affected areas of our body is our eyes. To help the senior citizens have proper guidance, you should have proper lighting. This is for those restaurants that do not have any natural lighting in their restaurant.

Restaurant Senior Citizen Friendly

Designated Waiting Areas

If your restaurants in Calgary are well-known in the city and are always full, you want to have a designated lounge for the old ones. This is a simple yet effective technique that makes your restaurant senior citizen-friendly.

Age-Friendly Tabletop Items

Instead of placing glass items on your table, you want to use plastic for the old fellas. This is simply because glass is heavy and slippery especially if it gets wet. Plastic, on the other hand, is very light and it won’t break if the old guys at your restaurant drop it by accident.

Comfortable Chairs

The icing on the cake is when your restaurant has extremely comfortable chairs. Most of the old people have back or bone problems and the best thing you can do for that is by offering comfortable chairs. A comfortable chair will help the old ones keep their posture right, avoiding them to have any sudden pain or aches on their body, especially on their back.

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