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03 Jun

How Can Restaurant Owners Increase Safety In Their Premises During This Coronavirus Pandemic?

As a business owner, it should be your priority right now to help the government tackle the ongoing problems that we are having because of the ongoing pandemic, considering that the cases are still rising and new types of variants are constantly getting discovered.

Restaurants are one of the very few essential businesses that are being allowed by the government to stay open right now, but the question remains, are employees and the management of restaurants following simple covid guidelines?

Not many are following and that is extremely wrong.

This is why in this blog, fine dine restaurants Calgary will be listing down some things that restaurants need to do in order to increase safety measures inside their working premises amidst this pandemic.

 4 things restaurants need to do in order to increase safety in their premises

  1. Make sure everyone is wearing masks 

The first thing restaurant owners and their management needs to prioritize are masks. They need to make sure that everyone in their office premises is wearing masks and no one is wearing them wrong. There is a correct way of wearing masks and make sure they are not wearing some unsafe masks, make sure they have masks that are proven to help promote safety.

  1. Social distancing

Before, social distancing was not followed by anyone, but now, people are making sure that they are at least 6 to 10 feet away from each other. Just like people, you want to do that on your working premises. Make sure that everyone in your restaurant is at least 10 to 15 feet away from each other, they are not removing their masks, and they are not touching their faces or the food directly.

Fine Dine Restaurants Calgary

  1. Sanitizers

If you want to stay clean, make sure that you have sanitizers in your restaurant. Having sanitizers will help you keep the hands of your employees clean all the time. This is a must for the cashier, who has to deal with money, cards, and other things. They are at more risk of getting the virus, so make sure you get them what they need. Masks, face shields, gloves, and sanitizers are a must for them.

  1. Only allow pick-ups, drive through, and delivery

If there are a really high number of cases in your city or area right now, you want to stop dine-in services and only allow pick-ups, drive-through, and delivery. Not only yourself, but this will allow you to do your part in stopping the mass spreading of the virus, which can cause a lot of deaths and hospitalizations.




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