Food Safety Tips During This Coronavirus Pandemic | Restaurant Owner Guide
05 Jun

Food Safety Tips During This Coronavirus Pandemic | Restaurant Owner Guide

Keeping ourselves safe during this coronavirus pandemic is really important, considering the fact that there is no vaccine or cure for this disease. As restaurant owners, we should do our best to serve clean food to our customers and clients right now, and we can do that by following some of the safety tips that we have come up with.

In this blog, XS Lounge and Grill, the best banquet halls near me, Canada, will list down some tips that will help you serve clean food to your customers and clients during this coronavirus pandemic safely.

4 Food Safety Tips During This Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Clean Your Veggies

When you’re purchasing veggies for your restaurant, it is a must that you wash them like your hands with clean water. Yes, you need to do this. Veggies can be washed with water and soap, but we do not recommend the soap part. Try to wash your veggies and their skin with water, preferably hot water, before you bring them inside.

  1. Wear Protective Masks And Gloves When Cooking

Another useful tip that will help you keep yourself and the food safe during this pandemic is by wearing protective masks and gloves and cooking. Remember, you want to make sure that you are not having any sort of contact with the food that you are cooking, this includes saliva coming out of your mouth or touching the food with your bare hands.

Food Safety Tips During This Coronavirus Pandemic | Restaurant Owner Guide

  1. Sanitize Your Kitchen

To make sure the virus is not present on your shelves, you want to make sure that everything is sanitized properly in steakhouse near me. Most kitchens have metal surfaces, that’s why keeping everything sanitized is important. It is said that the coronavirus can survive on metal surfaces for up to 70 hours, or even more if the climate is cold.

  1. Trust Official News

As of writing this blog, there is no official confirmation that the coronavirus could be contracted through food, so the best thing you can do is trust official news platforms or health organizations such as the WHO and the CDC.

Why XS lounge And Grill?

XS Lounge and Grill is the Halal food buffet near me and the best restaurant in Calgary that can help you deliver or offer clean food during this coronavirus pandemic. We know you are isolating with your family right now so you can keep this deadly disease away, however, you need some break too, and you should treat yourself with some food of ours. To know how we can deliver our delicious food to you right now, contact us on the number below or send us an email!

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