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22 Jul

How To Keep Your Employees Safe During This Coronavirus Pandemic | Restaurant Tips

During this coronavirus pandemic, it is our duty as restaurant owners or managers to do everything we can that will help us keep our employees and customers safe, especially in times like these, where everything is chaotic.

As of writing this article, there are nearly 15 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus all over the world, and the numbers are just constantly rising.

This is why in this blog, XS Lounge and Grill, one of the Best restaurants in Calgary, Canada, will list down some tips that will help restaurant owners in Canada and all over the world keep their employees and customers safe during this coronavirus pandemic.

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3 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Employees Safe During This Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Protective Equipment

It is very important to wear protective equipment during this coronavirus pandemic. Make sure you and your employees are wearing face masks and gloves all the time when working. Also, avoid touching your face if your hands or gloves are dirty. The main purpose of wearing a mask is so that you will not spread the germs that you have with other people, and the same thing applies on the other people. This is one of the key ways that can help us flatten the curve.

  1. Social Distancing

Social distancing is the best way that can help us slow down and eliminate the disease. This one is really important, especially for restaurants in Calgaryworkers because they will be meeting a lot of people, despite the fact that there is a pandemic going on. Try to have at least 2 to 3 meters distance from each other when your employees are working. Tell them to avoid shaking each other’s hands and do hugs when meeting each other.

  1. Hygiene

One of the best and most affordable ways that can help you keep the virus away from you is by practicing proper hygiene. Try washing your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds, and if that is not available, wash your hand with hand sanitizers that have 60 to 70 percent of alcohol. Also, try to take baths twice every day. One before you work and one after you reach your house.

Why XS Lounge and Grill?

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