5 Types Of Steaks You Should Try
10 Aug

5 Types Of Steaks You Should Try | XS Lounge & Grill

There are a lot of steaks that you can buy in the market, but there are very few that you actually get to taste because most of the restaurants only offer what’s beneficial for them or what they love to cook.

As a customer, you should know what you’re ordering, and to help you in that, we are going to list down some of the best types of steaks that you need to try at your local steakhouse or inside your house.

5 Types Of Steaks You Should Try


5 Types Of Steaks You Should Try


1 Ribeye Steak

 This type of steak is considered by many as one of the best types of steak that there are to try in the market. The Ribeye Steak is sometimes called Delmonico Steak. They are known to have an amazing amount of fat and have a lot of marbling, which means there are going to be a lot of flavors when you taste them.

2 Strip Steak

This one is a steakhouse favorite because of the fact that it has some amazing beefy flavor and marbling. There are many names for this type of steak. Many people like to call this one as New York Strip, but only if the steak has no bone, Kansas City Strip when it has a bone, and Top Sirloin if the steak comes from the short loin part of the cow. Also, this type of steak is one of the easiest to make, hence they are the most available type of steak.

3 Skirt Steak

 Another type of steak that you want to try is a skirt steak. They are long, fatty, and thin. This type of steak comes from the plate part of the belly. If you have tried fajitas before, you have probably tried this one too because most of the chefs use Skirt Steak in fajitas.

The only problem with this one is that this type of meat is really tough, which means it’s tough to cook, however, if you cook it right and it turns out to be tender, you will have a rich-tasting steak!

4 Short Ribs

 If you are trying to go with a steak that is affordable, you can go with short ribs. You can grill them, they are thick, have a meaty texture, and have a lot of flavors. If you are into thick meat, you can get the thicker one, if you want to go with a thinner one, you can go with that too!

5 Flap Steak

 If you want something that has a sweet, loose, and rich taste, the flap steak is what you want to go with. This one comes from the bottom of the sirloin, which is close to the flank. This type of steak is amazing if you like to season yours.

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