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18 May

5 Things All Restaurants Should Do During This Coronavirus Pandemic.

During this coronavirus pandemic, restaurants and all business organizations should make sure that they are doing their part in keeping themselves, their employees, and everyone that enters their premises safe.

Restaurants and business organizations that are located in areas where the coronavirus is highly present, want to make sure they are doing everything properly.

This is why in this blog, the best restaurants in Calgary will be listing down some things that you need to do during this coronavirus pandemic.

5 things all restaurants should do during this coronavirus pandemic

  1. Close down

If the coronavirus situation in your city is really bad, the first thing that you want to do with your best east Indian restaurants in Calgary is close them down. The only thing that you should be offering right now is delivery services. Closing down will help the local government tackle the situation in your city.

  1. Offer delivery services

If the situation is getting worse in your city, the chances are high that the local government will shut down all businesses and only allow some to open, such as grocery shops, pharmacies, and restaurants because they are essential. In order to keep employees, yourself, and customers safe, you want to offer delivery services. It removes the hassle of allowing multiple people inside your restaurant and having to sanitize everything.

Best Restaurants in Calgary

  1. Make sure everyone wears a mask

The third thing that you want to do is make sure that everyone is wearing a mask when they are working in your office premises. This is an important thing to do in such times. Remember, people are going to go back to their houses after their shifts. Without wearing a mask, there is a risk that they might spread the virus in your premises and even bring it back home.

  1. Social distancing

The fourth thing that you want to prioritize in your premises is to make sure that everyone is practicing social distancing in your restaurant. Practicing social distancing along with wearing a mask will help you out a lot in keeping everyone in your restaurant safe during such rough times.

  1. Sanitize everything

If you want to keep your customers safe during such times, you want to sanitize everything properly. From the chairs, tables, and the surfaces your customers have access to. Make sure you are using anti-bacterial cleaners when doing such things. Remember, bacteria of the coronavirus can stay on surfaces for over 7 days. Cleaning will help you cut down the chances of local transmissions.


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