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27 Aug

4 Ways to Market a Fetching Seasonal Menu | XS Lounge and Grill

The idea of making seasonal menu fetching may seem challenging and enticing for a restaurant owner. Initially, fear is common that consistency will be lost if we tend to modify the menu too frequently. But checking out on another side can be a winning game as your menu becomes a platform where you can put forward with in-season ingredients and food trends.

Growing your customer base is an aim of many business owners and changing your menu seasonally without losing consistency is conquering. Cooking with seasonal ingredients that are more lavish and liberal curbs high supply costs can be a great deal. Buying seasonal ingredients is enduring and lasting too.

Customers’ interest in seasonal dishes is more important to look after. And, it is observed that customers’ one of the most popular dishes ordered this winter was butternut squash soup and in the spring, they checked out more for strawberry lemonade freezes.

Looking how to marvel your restaurant with seizing seasonal flavors? The Steakhouse in Calgary is going to make you walk through some tips for successfully marketing your seasonal menu.

Ways to Market a Fetching Seasonal Menu

 1 Discover what’s in Season

You must contact your local farms and distributors to find and explore what ingredients are fresh in your area. Highlight your seasonal ingredients options by creating a driven seasonal menu. Here are some ingredients that you can discover fresh that each season brings with:

Spring menu ingredients: Blueberry, artichoke, asparagus, rhubarb, snap peas

Summer menu ingredients: Watermelon, basil, bell peppers, eggplant, tomatoes

Fall menu ingredients: Sweet potatoes, apples, Brussels sprouts, cranberry, pumpkin, squash

Winter menu ingredients: Cauliflower, broccoli, grapefruit, kale, pears


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 2 Keep Your Customers Engaged & Informed

Seasonal menus are for a short period of time, so you should make sure to inspire customers to place an order before they leave. You may consider your potential customers on your social media and can target them. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great places where you can get them excited about placing an order.

Posting and promoting your exclusive seasonal menus and letting them know how long the menu lasts is a great step towards your successful seasonal menu. Not only this but any changes your menus or restaurant goes through should be conveyed on your social media channels. Getting customers engaged even when they are physically absent would be a great thing for marketing seasonal menu changes.


3 Food and Drink Pairings

Did you know the best steakhouse in Calgary on letting consistency play an important role in marketing seasonal menus?

Crafting creative seasonal cocktails on your menu is a great way to incorporate seasonal flavors. Diners get excited about specialty drinks, and adding seasonal drinks on your menu section increases customers’ check size. Creating some food-and-drink pairings can put your seasonal menu changes center-stage.

Guests who embrace the changing seasons will be going to love this kind of option. Also, they may consider it ordering the drink or the food individually on their next visit.


 4 Bring Them in Happy Hour

For new customers to let in happy hour is the perfect opportunity to roll out your seasonal specials. What attracts most people are menu prices if lower and affordable. At least you should include two or three seasonal items in your happy hour. Restaurants or bars bring such offerings as a happy hour so that customers must willingly want to try seasonal specials.

Food is a common part of our many holiday celebrations and, on most occasions, customers are generally looking for specific dining experiences. A great holiday menu can be a great chance to build excitement around a limited edition menu.

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