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admin_xsloungeandgrill - August 29, 2023

Common Misconceptions People Often Have About Indian Food

Indian Food is one of the most delectable cuisines you can ever try. People often visit the best Indian food in Calgary NE for the amazing Indian dishes. Have you tried Dal Makhani with scrumptious Lacha Parantha or sweet buttermilk? all these are Indian food variations. So, the person who has already tasted this wonderful cuisine can only know how scrumptious Indian food is. Apart from just simple homely food, street food also has great popularity that has emerged in the Indian Food Culture. Therefore, there are so many variations in the Indian food types if you know about them. 

We also sometimes listen to several myths about Indian food such as it is always spicy or fatty and various other sorts of misconceptions about it. Here in this blog, we will see what common misconceptions people have in mind about Indian food and to what extent those are true. So, let’s put a glance at those misconceptions

best Indian food in Calgary NE

1. Indian Food is Always Spicy 

You might have listened to people who always say that we don’t like Indian food because it is very spicy and hurts the gut system of the body. On the contrary, spiciness is not a necessity but it is a choice that people make while preparing Indian food. Various Indian recipes like Dosa, Poha, Malai Kofta, Daal Baati Churma do not contain excess spices, so it’s always up to us how much spice we want to add to our food taste. 

2. Indian Food is Fatty and Unhealthy

It is often said that Indian Food is cooked using too many oils and fats like butter. This makes people obese and less productive. But nowadays there are certain oils that could be used for cooking Indian recipes and would prove healthy as well. Examples of such oils are olive oil, sesame oil, and so on. 

3. Indian Food is Difficult to Cook 

People often say that preparing Indian food is complicated and one has to become a master chef to make delicious Indian Food. But that’s not true. Wonderful Indian food needs a thorough understanding and cooking techniques to prepare Indian food that you will love. So, with the right knowledge and skillful practice, there is nothing much required to make Indian food tasty at home. 

4. It’s All About Curry 

In many parts of the world, curry has come to be associated with Indian food, yet there is much more to Indian food than just one dish. Actually, the word “curry” doesn’t do Indian cuisine’s complexity justice. The diversity of India’s culinary past is reflected in the wide range of regional specialties, street foods, snacks, breads, and sweets that make up Indian cuisine.


So, it’s time to let go of these misconceptions for taking the leisure of Indian food wholeheartedly. So next time you visit an best Indian food in Calgary NE, don’t think about the aforementioned myths about Indian food because there are so many tasteful food items to enjoy in this fabulous cuisine. Come to XS Lounge&Grill for the most palatable Indian food dining time with your family and friends. 

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