East Indian buffet in Calgary
22 Nov

Creative No-Fee Restaurant Strategies for 2021

Are you struggling to find creative no-fee restaurant strategies? Are you looking to make your restaurant more profitable? With the rise of food delivery services for casual dining in Calgary, many are turning to strategies that are outside the norm.

A large majority of restaurants are currently using predictable marketing techniques that have been overused for years. As a result, the consumer has become less interested and more skeptical. Here, are some creative marketing strategies that restauranteurs can use to keep up with the digital age and entice their customers back into their doors for a meal.

Strategies for Restaurant Owners

1 Social Media and Video advertising

The smart restaurant owner will create a Facebook page that is informative and with interesting photos. Create a content-rich page that is consistent and updated regularly, and encourage people to share their favorite dishes and stories. Social media is an extremely important tool in your restaurant marketing strategy.

Creating a unique video content strategy is also extremely important because the video content needs to be unique. In this social media age, it’s all about videos. People don’t want to watch a random promotional video when they are browsing through their newsfeed.

2 Create exclusive menus

High-quality foods offer customers unique flavors and textures. This is a unique feature that most restaurants do not offer, which makes them an opportunity to bring in a new customer base. Plus, if they’re part of your exclusive “meals for two” service, guests will never have to worry about sharing a meal with anyone else.

East Indian buffet in Calgary


3 Use social media to your advantage

Retailers can learn a lot from restaurant operators regarding social media marketing. While many restaurants have utilized social media for years, the platforms have continued to evolve. Restaurateurs can learn about which East Indian buffet in Calgary strategies work well in each social media platform and find a balance between engaging and posting too frequently.

4 Develop an interactive loyalty program

If you are looking to entice your customers back into your restaurant for a meal, it is time to start thinking about your loyalty program. This is an effective strategy for many restaurants as consumers feel good about having such a program in place. In fact, 92 percent of consumers have been able to reduce their spending by using their loyalty cards.

Not only does it make them feel good about the service you are providing, but it gives them the opportunity to redeem points for discounts on future purchases. The loyalty program is usually free to implement, and it can generate new customers. What’s more, it will help make them feel like they are a part of the community.

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